Current Class Schedule

Fall 2011 Jan Term 2012 Spring 2012
Chem 221 (and 2 labs) Forensic Science Chem 222 (and 1 lab)
Chem 421 Sci 201
Chem 112 (1 lab, no lecture)

Office Hours
Mondays – 2pm to 4pm
Thursdays – 9am to 10am

Course Descriptions

Chem 111 – Introduction to Chemistry
Basic concepts, principles, and practices of chemistry, typically including: mass and energy relations in chemical reactions, electronic structure and chemical bonding, the periodic table, solids, liquids and solutions, and the rates of chemical reactions. Includes one three-hour lab per week.

Chem 112 – Chemical Equilibria
Quantitative aspects of elementary chemical thermodynamics and of systems in equilibrium, typically including acid-base chemistry, oxidation-reduction reactions, and electrochemistry. Includes one three-hour lab per week.

Chem 221 – Organic Chemistry I
Fundamental concepts of organic chemistry utilizing laboratory, lecture, and peer group discussions. Covers general types of mechanisms, stereochemistry, infrared spectroscopy, and reaction energetics. Includes one three-hour lab per week.

Chem 222 – Organic Chemistry II
Application of general principles of organic chemistry to problems of organic synthesis and structure determination. Includes topics of aromatic substitution reactions, carbonyl and active methylene chemistry, and nuclear magnetic resonance. Includes one three-hour lab per week.

Chem 421 – Advanced Organic Chemistry
Advanced theory and current topics in organic chemistry. Emphasis on theoretical and empirical generalizations (including spectroscopy) most applicable to organic reaction mechanisms and synthesis.

Sci 201 – Ethical and Societal Implications of Nanotechnology
Application of ethical frameworks and social science studies to understand how advances in nanotechnology can have both positive and negative impacts on society.  This course is intended for non-science majors.