Current Research Group (Jan Term 2012)

Top Row: Stephanie Gould, Jon Payne (senior)

Bottom Row: Jacob Smith (junior), Matthew Moore (junior), Raven Clark (junior)

Tunable Molecular Gears using Porous Coordination Polymers

In the lab, we are developing supramolecular solids that contain subunits (red balls) organized to have correlated motion.  We have designed a porous coordination material containing diporphyrin monomers connected through the rotational units.  Those monomers will be co-crystallized with bi-dentate ligands of variable lengths. The organizational behavior of porous coordination materials will overcome the steric and entropic barriers of organizing rotational components close enough to each other to facilitate correlated motions of the rotators. The nature of the crystalline structures will be analyzed with single-crystal XRD and solid-state NMR will be used to measure the rotational motion.  This work will provide the basic information necessary to understand how to incorporate geared molecular machinery into complex nanomachines.

Current Austin College students contributing to this project – Brian Clinton, Ashley Hellman, Stephanie Lee, Matthew Moore, and Raven Clark.

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Student Presentations 

Stephanie Gould’s Presentations



Generous funding for this research has been provided from the following organizations:


American Chemical Society – Petroleum Research Fund Grant # 51012-UNI10 (October 2011 to September 2013)



The Welch Foundation Departmental Grant AD 0007



Cullen and Richardson Funds,Marion Cox Fund and the Chemistry Department



National Science Foundation Grant CHE: 0924153 (November 2009 to October 2011)